Market Consultation on Technology and Services for Future Options for Urban Vehicle Access Regulations

By Patrick Troy / Updated: 13 Mar 2020

ReVeAL is a Civitas project whose partners aim to add urban vehicle access regulations (UVAR) to the standard range of urban mobility transition approaches of cities across Europe. These regulations will allow cities to optimise urban space and transport network usage, resulting in less noise, fewer emissions and improved accessibility and quality of life.

They are carrying out a market consultation and have requested feedback from any cities, technology and/or service suppliers or developers that could assist and enhance the implementation of UVARs today or in the future.

The goal of this market consultation is to capture:

  • What technology development is available and necessary to implement these types of UVARs;
  • What is the maturity of these technologies;
  • What challenges do suppliers and cities face to achieve these types of UVARs;
  • And when do we estimate that these challenges have been overcome?

Feedback will allow the ReVeAL partners to recommend futureproof actions for cities and deliver guidance for stakeholders. A link to the survey is available here and answers can be submitted up until 31 March 2020.

For any further questions feel free to contact Moa Berglund, WSP Sweden at

Original article first published 9 March 2020 by ReVeAL

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