LOW-CARB transnational handbook on pilots for low-carbon mobility in functional urban areas

By Hannah Figg / Updated: 12 Nov 2021

Over three years, the LOW-CARB project has worked to enhance the quality and efficiency of sustainable urban mobility planning and services in functional urban areas across Central Europe.

The aim was to provide input to policies of public authorities on planning for low-carbon mobility in functional urban areas, and it is hoped that it will be taken up by other cities and regions.

The LOW-CARB consortium has gathered all the knowledge and experience gained during the last years while working on mobility solutions for functional urban areas and launched four final publications that will be of help to other actors who work with these issues.

The 'Transnational handbook on pilots for low-carbon mobility in functional urban areas'  inspires solutions for improving the mobility services at functional urban area level. 

It presents the innovative mobility solutions developed and implemented within the LOW-CARB project. Each of the solutions has its own story because they all built strongly of the opportunities and possibilities of the unique local context in relation to public transport setup. They offer insights into overcoming technological, financial and governance obstacles to public transport solutions and aim to improve and maximise both mobility and access to services in functional urban areas.

The handbook is available in English and in all Central European languages at the project publications section.

To view the handbook click here.

For more information and to view the other final publications (a strategies handbook, recommendations for low-carbon mobility planning with companies in suburban areas, and a lessons learnt brochure) see here.

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