Join LEAD’s Transferability Platform and learn what Digital Twins can do for Urban Freight

By Cláudia Ribeiro / Updated: 18 Nov 2020

The Horizon 2020 funded LEAD launched the call for its Transferability Platform. It will give 6 local authorities the chance to benefit from a tailormade replicability plan to implement the project’s result, as well as capacity-building and training opportunities (interactive workshops, training, among others).

LEAD will create Digital Twins of urban logistics networks in six cities (Madrid, The Hague, Lyon, Budapest, Oslo, Porto), to support experimentation and decision making with on-demand logistics operations in a public-private urban setting. Digital Twins are a digital replica of a complex real-world urban environment that represents different processes, actors, and their interactions.

The members of the Transferability Platform will have access to the following activities:

  • Interviews and surveys for the identification and analysis of the requirements and necessities of cities, and your expectations towards the LEAD solutions.
  • Capacity-building activities: webinars, e-training and bilateral meetings/discussions with the partners responsible for the LEAD Living Labs and specific solutions of their interest.
  • Direct access to the project's key reports and events, while you will receive tailor-made and hands-on advice on the knowledge and tools developed in LEAD.

A dedicated budget has been allocated to help partly cover the costs of the participant’s engagement in the project, which may be used to fund travel expenses or personnel time spent on project activities, including internal meetings and discussions.

Local Authorities can apply until 11 December 2020, by submitting this questionnaire.

Full call information can be found here.

For additional information on the call for LEAD’s Transferability Platform, please contact:  

Photo Credit: LEAD Project

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