Invitation to ambitious cities: Join the CIVITAS Network

By Hannah Figg / Updated: 03 Mar 2020

Cities are invited to join the CIVITAS network to learn and take part in exciting initiatives alongside other, like-minded European cities. This is a free initiative open to all European cities.

The CITIVAS Forum Network is a platform for the exchange of knowledge, ideas and best practice between cities committed to introducing sustainable urban transport policies. Since it was launched by the European Commission in 2002, over 800 measures have been tested and implemented in more than 80 cities around Europe.   

Any European city can join...

The network is open to all cities that are keen to learn more about the usefulness of individual measures that support clean urban transport and the best ways to combine and integrate them on a large scale. Membership is open to all cities - whether they are in an EU Member State or not. Participating cities simply have to prove their political and technical commitment to introducing ambitious, integrated urban transport strategies. 

Benefits of becoming a member…

Participation in the CIVITAS Forum Network brings several advantages at various levels, including assistance with policy formation, increased visibility and the potential to learn from other cities' experiences. 

  1. Branding – Members belong to an association of towns and cities that are pioneering sustainable urban mobility. They can widely communicate their commitment to sustainable urban mobility by using the CIVITAS Forum Network member logo.
  2. International Visibility and Networking – Members can showcase their local experiences and achievements by: participating in the annual CIVITAS Conference; presenting results and hosting events such as tours or webinars; having a dedicated page for their city on the CIVITAS website; and by sharing relevant articles and news on the CIVITAS website.
  3. Recognition – Members can apply for the European Commission CIVITAS AWARD, which aims to give recognition to cities that implement the most ambitious and successful urban sustainability measures. 
  4. Partnership – Political representatives (including elected councillors, vice-mayors and mayors) of members can become members of the CIVITAS Political Advisory Committee that acts as the steering group of CIVITAS and the network of cities, in collaboration with the Commission.

How to join...

To apply to become a member, simply sign a declaration and administrative annex and send these back by email where these will be reviewed.

For more details on the CIVITAS Forum Network and how to join click here.

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