Implementation of fast charger infrastructure for e-buses started in Maribor

By Nikolett Csorgo / Updated: 09 Mar 2022
Fast charger for e-buses at the cable car station in Maribor, Slovenia

The Municipality of Maribor is developing solutions for energy-efficient public transport by planning the electrification of their bus fleet.

The EfficienCE project enabled the municipality to start with implementing fast-charging stations at the main bus station and at the end of bus route 6, which is the busiest bus line.

In the framework of the EfficienCE project, the city administration carried out a public procurement procedure for the purchase and installation of two pantographs for the fast-charging of e-buses. In the beginning of February 2022, the first pantograph with a power of 300 kW was successfully installed at the main bus station. The second pantograph with a power of 150 kW was installed in mid-February at the cable car station, where charging for other e-vehicles and cable cars will also be implemented.

More pictures on the Interreg EfficienCE website can be found here.


The original article was published on the website of the EfficienCE project on 2 March 2022.

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