Île-de-France Region launches call for expressions of interest in freight and logistics

By Francesco Ripa / Updated: 10 Feb 2020

The region including the French capital Paris, Ile-de-France, is launching a call for expressions of interest for new projects in the freight and logistics sectors. The region will fund initiatives aimed at the supply, circulation, storage, distribution, delivery and removal of goods throughout different business areas.

As in many other regions, in Ile-de-France consumption habits are changing. The growth and demands of e-commerce are leading to a need to bring storage centres and end consumers closer together.

Against this backdrop, shared and coordinated solutions across the Paris region are struggling to take shape. For that reason, Ile-de-France will encourage public and private actors to consult and challenge their visions with a view to optimising delivery flows and to limiting their negative impact on the environment.

The objective of the current call for expressions of interest is two-fold. On the one hand, it aims to give communities the means to influence freight and logistics issues in their territory and to jointly build projects with sector players. On the other hand, it will support employment in freight and logistics through environment-friendly innovation.

The priority themes of the call are the following:

  • analysis of goods flows;
  • coordination of parking and traffic conditions for deliveries;
  • integration of urban logistics in a development project;
  • use of waterways for urban logistics;
  • innovations for the logistics service of the territory; and
  • support for short circuits.

The Ile-de-France region has earmarked €500,000 in investment and €50,000 in operations for this initiative, which is in line with the Regional Freight and Logistics Strategy adopted in March 2018. The strategy reflects the region's ambition to reconcile economic attractiveness with environmental excellence, in order to promote more virtuous and responsible logistics.

The deadline to submit proposals is 20 February 2020. Further information on the call for expression of interest "Supporting territories", in French, can be found here.

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