How can we guarantee the best batteries for our electric vehicles?

By BAXCOamc / Updated: 20 May 2022

New battery types are being developed at breakneck speed, competing on performance, cost, and sustainability. Novel chemistries and technologies require thorough testing to understand the properties of a battery – not only at its deployment but also during the use phase and after its decommissioning.

That's why battery prognostics and health management (PHM) has been gaining prominence in the last decade, signalling its value to industry and society.

With fast and accurate PHM, time-to-market and warranty risks of novel batteries are reduced, whilst battery lifetime and recyclability are increased. However, an accurate prognosis and diagnosis of a battery's performance still remains a time-consuming and complex task.

COBRA's new Market Intelligence Report gives insights into state-of-the-art battery PHM, its main approaches, challenges, and trends.

Special thanks to Gustavo Pérez (Applus IDIADA) and Oriol Gallemi i Rovira, Victoria Ovejas, and Marco Amores (EURECAT) for their valuable contributions.

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