Good practice video clips on parking management available now

By Robert Pressl / Updated: 30 Sep 2020

The H2020 project Park4SUMP aims to help cities integrate innovative parking management solutions into Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) for better mobility and quality of life.

As part of this project, a number of video clips are being produced to give insights into the good practice solutions that different European cities have implemented. General principles for parking space management are demonstrated in the video clips, such as Rotterdam's efforts to encourage people to use off-street parking which is mainly achieved through pricing policies. In addition to a simple shift to off-street parking, the city also reduces the number of on-street parking places in order to use public space better for people than only for parked cars. Another example is the integrative approach in Krakow. The Polish city is continuously expanding its controlled parking zones. A third example - this time from a smaller city - shows the innovative measures employed by Sint Niklaas which include multiple uses for parking spaces. will publish further video clips here on Eltis over the coming weeks.