The EfficienCE project held its last two webinars

By Nikolett Csorgo / Updated: 04 Aug 2022


Webinar on Storage Solutions

On 28 June 2022 partners presented their results on storage solutions to increase energy-efficiency in the public transport (PT) network. Energy storage solutions enable the use of renewable energy sources and increase energy efficiency in PT operations. Experts within the EfficienCE project shared their experiences based on their pilots and threw light on innovations and strategies that support increasing the energy efficiency. Our moderator Gabriele Grea, from Redmint Impresa Sociale, led participants through an interesting webinar with:

  • a presentation by Jirka Kohout from PMDP (Pilsen Municipal Transport Company) about their experiences with a buffer storage station;
  • a presentation by Mitja Klemenčič of the action plan 2025 on multipurpose hubs including energy storage solutions of the Municipality of Maribor;
  • a presentation by Aleksander Jakubowski of the Gdynia partner PKT’s (trolleybus operator in Gdynia) experiences with super capacitor solutions and storing recuperated braking energy in second-life batteries.

To conclude the webinar, Gabriele introduced the EfficienCE handbook on storage solutions, where all the partner’s experiences are put together to formulate guidelines and recommendations to plan storage solutions for future energy efficient public transport networks.

If you missed it, make sure to watch the recording here.


Webinar on Energy Management

On 29 June 2022 in our transnational webinar on energy management we invited participants to learn from our experiences in developing and testing innovative solutions in the energy management in an electrified PT network including trams, e-buses and trolley buses - required for energy-efficient PT operations. Participants were led through the webinar by our moderator Ana-Maria Baston from Rupprecht Consult, and got a first introduction to the topic by Eberhard Nickel from Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe (LVB). He explained Leipzig transportation operator’s experiences with energy management solutions and how they put together the EfficienCE handbook for energy-managers in public transport out of their and other partner’s experiences. Next up Marcin Wolek from Gdynia presented their experiences with the innovative energy management in the trolley bus depot of Gdynia, followed by Jakob Sabitzer from the newly introduced energy-management department at Wiener Linien public transport company in Vienna, who gave an overview of their organisational and strategic involvement. To conclude, Dr. Jan Přikryl from Prague gave an interesting presentation on the simulation of electric vehicles and power grid.

If you missed it, you can watch the recording here.


The original article was published here on the Interreg EfficienCE website on 29 June.

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