Digital Twins predict future Autonomous Vehicle crash scenarios

By BAXCOamc / Updated: 20 Mar 2023
SAFE-UP partner IKA developed an immersive VR-bicycle-simulator to analyse cyclist behaviour, even in critical traffic scenarios.

The SAFE-UP project has published a summary of its deliverable 2.4 which focuses on the necessary steps in developing a simulation environment that can model future safety-critical scenarios involving fully autonomous vehicles (AVs).

A traffic simulation environment attempts to represent what could happen in a scenario that cannot be tested in real-life conditions – either because it is not yet feasible or too costly.

In general, the models included in simulation environments are collision-free by design, which is quite the obstacle when studying potential (new) crash scenarios. That’s why it is necessary to create the conditions necessary in the simulation environment to represent a crash or near-crash situation. The environment will not show actual collisions but will contain information about unsafe user behaviour and identify near-collision scenarios.

Read the full summary and download deliverable 2.4 on their website here.

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