Data sharing framework looks to accelerate the use of London car clubs

By Conall Martin / Updated: 23 Dec 2020

The Car Club Local Authority Data Standard (CLADS) is a data sharing framework published by London Councils, RAC foundation and the Urban Systems Lab at Imperial College London. The aim of this initiative is to shed light on how car clubs are used in the capital and elsewhere.

In an effort to reduce private car use and improve air quality, London boroughs are currently collaborating with Transport for London and car club operators to integrate car clubs into London’s transport infrastructure. However, gaps in data make it difficult to fully understand how car clubs are used and thus their potential to help London achieve its broader transport goals.

The introduction of CLADS brings important data sharing standards for all London boroughs. This will facilitate the development of more effective policies with car club operators to improve services and encourage uptake across London.

As well as improving air quality, reducing private car ownership would positively impact London’s high levels of congestion. In addition, parking spaces would become more available for those who need it most, including people with reduced mobility and delivery drivers for local businesses.

Speaking about the new framework, the Chair of London Councils’ Transport and Environment Committee, Mayor Philip Glanville, said:

‘This new framework is an essential foundation for learning more about the successes of car clubs and how we can better use them to reduce the total number of vehicles on the road, change how journeys are planned and encourage the use of greener vehicles across London.

‘The only way we can achieve a greener future for London is to start making changes now. Improvements in data sharing and collaboration through the CLADS framework will help to make car clubs a better choice for growing numbers of Londoners.’

The full published report outlining the CLADS framework can be found here.

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