Cycling on equal terms with other modes in EU's latest investment package

By Claus Köllinger / Updated: 18 Jun 2020

Executive Vice President of the European Commission, Frans Timmermans, has stated in a press conference that investments in cycling can be funded by the latest €20 billion support to the Member States fighting air pollution, climate change and peoples well-being. Within this Urban Mobility Package, the EC is by this allocating these €20 billion by EU regional funds alongside measures to strengthen electric car charging and public transport.

Cycling Industries Europe welcomes this as a success to its policy and lobbying efforts to increase EU investments in cycling, as recently proposed to the EC within a €13 billion cycling package Cycling Industries Europe. Especially the level of policy by the EC Vice President Frans Timmermans as well as clear statement to put cycling on the same level with investments for cars and public transport is seen as a push for cycling according to Cycling Industries Europe’s CEO Kevin Mayne.

Cycling associations are welcoming this step as well: The European Cyclists’ Federation’s CEOs state that they will now move on to work with their national-level member organisations to support the ability to spend the funds on cycling at Member State level. The Confederation of the European Bicycle Industries welcomes the investment options as a necessary step at EU-level to support local authorities and national governments to develop better cycling conditions.

Vice President Timmermans statement is made in light of recovery plans following the COVID-19 crisis with the European Green Deal at the centre. The announcement still needs to be converted into plans and available budgets to make it into a reality.

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Article published first at Cycling Industry News on 2nd of June 2020

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