Civitas Handshake – Achievements and lessons learned

By Conall Martin / Updated: 17 Aug 2022

CIVITAS Handshake, a Horizon 2020-funded project under the CIVITAS initiative, concluded in August 2022. The project ran from September 2018 with the aim of helping cities of all types to become more liveable spaces by improving conditions for cycling as an everyday mode of transport.

With the aim of reducing congestion and air pollution whilst improving safety, CIVITAS Handshake has worked to support cities in the transition to two wheels. Thirteen cities comprised of three Cycling Capitals and 10 Future Cycling Capitals, aimed to identify and implement measures to boost the feasibility and attractiveness of cycling. Having reached its conclusion, the project has produced a report with ten fact sheets to share the main achievements and lessons learned in each of the Future Cycling Capitals.

Based on the experience of Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Munich, Handshake identified four categories of activities to help improve cycling performance in the Future Cycling Capitals. Under these four categories are 60 solutions that experts and local authorities designed, developed and transferred over the project lifetime.

The report also provided top 10 tips from Handshake cities, compiled from experts in the field who learned from the project, external factors and from each other. These include the importance of securing political will and accompanying investments, joining forces on a European level, listening to cyclists and their needs, and last to make cycling an enjoyable experience.

To read the full report, click here.


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