CityConsult Agency fosters city exchange, advice & good practice

By Francine Long / Updated: 25 May 2022

Mobility experts and practitioners from across European cities and even further afield are welcome to explore CityConsult Agency in order to discover the opportunities available for knowledge-sharing, mentoring and learning. 

CityConsult Agency, developed within the SUMP-PLUS project, provides a knowledge platform that is accessible online, powered by peer-activated interactions and project-activated initiatives. 

Tools are provided to learn through:

  • Exchanging with similar cities
  • Receiving advice from mobility practitioners and experts
  • Discovering guidance on mobility thematic areas

Online courses are available delving into a wide range of topics such as 'Zero emissions transport systems and smart green energy', 'Sustainable mobility solutions for peripheral areas of cities' and 'Supporting the Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning process'.

The learning community has been designed to allow decision-makers and technicians from diverse cities to exchange on good practices and assess results. SUMP-PLUS guidance tools and experience are the basis for empowering the continuing process of knowledge sharing. CityConsult Agency aims to achieve global impact through local action by encouraging communities on a path towards sustainable mobility and sustainable cities. 


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