City districts in Prague are receiving support to improve transport infrastructure

By Matthew Collings / Updated: 08 Jun 2022

The Czech capital Prague is supporting its districts in developing infrastructure for sustainable transport. The support is being given to projects that aim to create new cycle paths and pedestrian bridges, among other transport projects.

The successful projects had to demonstrate that they understood the needs of local residents, as well as demonstrating proper knowledge of local areas and that they had already begun negotiation with other relevant local bodies. 

In total, the various districts in Prague are to receive support equating to CZK 177,127,000 (equal to EUR 7,200,000) to improve their transport infrastructure. According to the Deputy Mayor for Transport, Adam Scheinherr, the implementation of the projects is due to start in the course of 2022. The Deputy Mayor noted that the support was being given for the projects to go towards “new constructions, land purchases, financing of project preparation, or co-financing of already completed constructions.” 

The original article was posted on The Mayor website on 25 May 2022.

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