Cities.multimodal project concludes with the publication of a Planner’s Guide to Sustainable Urban Mobility Management

By dana.agrotti / Updated: 07 Sep 2021

The cities.multimodal project has concluded with the publication of various materials including a 'Planner’s Guide to Sustainable Urban Mobility Management'.

The project ran from October 2017 to March 2021 and involved 10 partner cities within the Baltic Sea region that improved their walking and cycling conditions, as well as public transport and shared mobility options for their residents. Under the project, partner cities would define a pilot and then implement different activities related to mobility management and multimodality. As part of the project, two capacity building workshops had been organised in collaboration with Eltis.

The main outcome of the project, which consists of four work packages, is the 'Planner’s Guide to Sustainable Urban Mobility Management', which presents the results of several activities. It also contains good practices, results and advice collated from testing new methods and tools. The guide can be used by urban mobility managers and other professionals in the urban mobility field. 

An animation promoting the project activities and results, such as mobility points, can be found here.

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