CEP provider Hermes expands its Berlin e-cargo bike delivery infrastructure

By Claus Köllinger / Updated: 21 Apr 2021

Berlin’s city districts such as “Mitte”, “Kreuzberg” or “Schöneberg” offer excellent conditions for cargo-bike based deliveries, thanks to their population density and connected high volumes of deliveries.

Hermes is making use of e-cargo bikes in Berlin by using its micro depot in Berlin-Tempelhof. To improve performance, the CEP provider now integrates charging solutions with its delivery service. The micro depot got equipped with battery charging and change stations by Berlin start-up Swobbee, which now allows constant use of the e-vehicles.

Swobbee is responsible for remote maintenance and exchange of malfunctioning batteries, and provides parcel carriers with new batteries if needed. Hermes has extended it e-cargo bike fleet too, using fully covered models that allow use in all weather conditions.

The new system has performed successfully so far. Swobbee COO Tobias Breyer sees 'a high potential in cycle logistics solutions and expects a boost in urban centres', whilst Hermes’ last mile manager in Berlin, Martin Mandos, sees 'the integration of charging solutions for permanent performance as a precondition to provide the e-cargo bike services.'


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Article published first at www.transport-online.de on 29th of March 2021.

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