Budapest’s BKK launches a new mobility app

By Claus Köllinger / Updated: 21 Feb 2022

In the Hungarian capital Budapest, BKK, (Budapesti Közlekedési Központ, or the Centre for Budapest Transport) operates all of the city's public transport network. In order to make all of its services accessible in one application, BKK has recently launched a new mobility app that brings together various elements of public transport use into one service.

The app is called BudapestGO. It allows users to undertake a range of actions of relevance to public transport, including route planning, short-term and season ticket purchasing, as well as giving them access to real time traffic information on congestion and roadworks. In addition, BudapestGo has further functionalities that allow users to save addresses in order to help with easier routing in the future, as well as giving users the possibility of buying tickets for long-distance buses from Budapest to other major Hungarian cities and for flights going to Budapest.

BKK launched the app start at the start of February 2022, although its development is still ongoing. Additional features will be added with the ultimate goal of the app being able to provide information and services that support travel and commuting in and to Budapest. In March 2022, the plan is to expand the ticket options that can be purchased within the app to include time-based public transport tickets and to include data on route elevation profiles to help cyclists choose the flattest route for their trips. Subsequently, BKK aims to expand the information in the app to include parking, ride-sharing services, e-scooters and taxis, as well as incorporating a bicycle routing service.

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Article published first at on 8 February 2022.