Brussels to compensate drivers who get rid of their cars

By Conall Martin / Updated: 22 Dec 2021

The Brussels-capital Region is planning to pay people to get rid of their personal vehicles as part of a sustainability initiative.

Through the newly revamped Brussel’Air premium, city residents who cancel their number plates will be eligible to apply for a credit ranging from €500 to €900. This can be spent on a wide range of more sustainable mobility options, including rail passes, bike purchases and even taxi trips.

This initiative aims to allow people to spend the mobility budget on different means of transport of their choosing, allowing them to discover which alternatives to the car suit them best. The credit may also be shared with family members.

Alain Maron, Brussels Minister for Climate Transition and the Environment, stated: “This reform of the Bruxell’Air bonus is an important tool to encourage a transport shift in Brussels”.

“By quadrupling its budget and ensuring that it pays special attention to disadvantaged households and people with reduced mobility, we want to enable all the city’s inhabitants to gradually make the transition to more sustainable mobility.”

Whilst this initiative brings a range of benefits, one of the central goals is to improve air quality while reducing congestion. Recent studies indicate that air quality in Brussels – one of Europe’s most congested cities – remains poor including in parks and green spaces.

As such, this initiative will aim to support people in transitioning from personal vehicles to alternative, greener forms of transport.


Original article first published by The Brussels Times on 10 December 2021

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