Brussels' citizens to report accessibility problems for pedestrians

By Claus Köllinger / Updated: 22 Dec 2021

Brussels Mobility has invested in an improvement to its 'Fix My Street' tool. The tool allows residents to report specific problems or incidents within public spaces in Brussels, alerting for the need of repair or change.

Fix My Street now includes the option to report problems that relate to vulnerable road user accessibility. People can report incidents relating to bad street lighting, acoustic signals at traffic lights, blind spots, curbs too high for wheelchairs or other barriers to pedestrians. Via the tool, the services in charge of road maintenance will receive direct information about the problem and can then look to solve it in the best possible way, depending on the nature, extent and urgency of the reported issue.

Brussels Minister of Mobility and Public Works, Elke Van den Brandt, stated: “It is a question of equality: the street belongs to everyone. Everyone should be able to be a pedestrian, even those with reduced mobility, those pushing a children’s carriage, those in a wheelchair, those who are blind or visually impaired. By adapting Fix My Street, the regional and communal services can act more proactively in the event of accessibility problems”.

Brussels Mobility have also performed an assessment of pavements alongside main roads and have started renovation works. For 2022, plans are to adapt a hundred intersections over the year.


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Article published first at The Brussels Times 13 December 2021.

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