Alicante City Council launches free bus services for people under 31 years

By Michiel Modijefsky / Updated: 18 Aug 2023

In a bid to support families grappling with economic challenges, inflation, and rising costs, Alicante City Council has introduced a series of measures aimed at easing transportation burdens for residents. Since 1 August 2023, the Council have provided free urban bus services for individuals under the age of 31 until the end of the year. Additionally, a 50% discount on public transport vouchers will remain in effect.

The move follows through on the Council's commitment (after a budget adjustment) to allocate EUR 6 million to public transportation. These funds will support various initiatives, including the implementation of free transport for the youth. In addition, the 50% discount on public transport fares, initially introduced in February 2023, will now continue until the end of the year to alleviate the pressures posed by the current economic crisis and soaring prices.

The Councilor for Urban Mobility, Carlos de Juan, emphasised that: “The measures will not only help to help families to deal with the increased cost of living due to inflation, but also promote the use of public transport, facilitating access so that people from Alicante can leave their private vehicles and move around the urban area with the bus, helping to reduce the carbon footprint and sustain the planet.”

To benefit from the free public transport service, eligible users must possess the 'Temporary Youth Monthly Pass' for the TRAM transport services. Those who already hold this pass issued by TRAM can directly utilise the free service that started on 1 August. The 50% discount simply applies to all transport tickets purchased for all other users. They can buy or recharge their public transport tickets or subscriptions at half price.

For additional information on pass availability and discounts, citizens are encouraged to refer to the official TRAM Alicante website.



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