±15-Minute City: Human-Centred Planning in Action

By Yoann Le Petit / Updated: 29 Nov 2022

The concept of the 15-minute city developed by Carlos Moreno, with its goal to provide people with all necessary destinations within 15 minutes from their homes by either walking or cycling, has become increasingly popular over the past few years.

EIT Urban Mobility have shared a new study document, written by the Technical University of Munich, which explores the different dimensions of the 15-minute city. It looks at practical solutions to make cities and neighbourhoods more accessible and inclusive.

One of the study’s outputs consists of a roadmap with clear implementation steps, which aims to support city officials and practitioners in achieving the 15-minute city.

Based on the tool and analytical framework used, the study features 15-minute city scores assessing the level of accessibility of different cities. Both the tool and methodology used in the report can be applied to specific cities, supporting their transition to more liveable neighbourhoods.

To access the full publication, see here.

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