1. Tool
    08 September 2016

    Promoting rural public transport through active mobility consultancy

    8810 reads The purpose of this publication is to provide public authorities and public transport operators with the information they need to prepare and implement active mobility consultancy campaigns...

  2. Tool
    08 September 2016

    Planning sustainable urban logistics

    17687 reads The Sustainable Urban Logistics Plan (SULP) Guidelines are a policy support tool that ...

  3. Tool
    17 August 2016

    CHUMS Carpool Site Appraisal Tool

    5966 reads This tool enables a quick assessment of a candidate site’s suitability for carpooling ... as identifying supporting measures which are most likely to maximise the impact of CHUMS. The tool ... ...

  4. Tool
    19 July 2016

    CIVITAS Policy Note- Cities towards Mobility 2.0: connect, share and go!

    6878 reads With this policy note, CIVITAS WIKI provides cities with a comprehensive overview on shared-mobility concepts and practices and to offer guidance to decision-/policy-makers and urban mobility...

  5. Tool
    09 June 2016

    Personalised Travel Planning Guidelines

    leading to a greater likelihood of behaviour change than a one-size-fits-all-approach. Some tools ... their recruitment and the activities they might undertake. All of the above tools are available to ...

  6. Tool
    09 June 2016

    Developing healthy-living and active mobility campaigns

    The SWITCH Campaign Guide and Toolbox is an essential tool for cities and practitioners to develop healthy-living and active mobility campaigns, from project inception to delivery, and evaluation. ...

  7. Tool
    27 April 2016

    Urban Transport Roadmaps scenario-building tool

    9326 reads The Urban Transport Roadmaps tool is an online policy support tool that is aimed at the ... assessment and modelling work. Using this tool cities can explore and identify appropriate sustainable...

  8. Tool
    22 April 2016

    Methodology and indicator calculation method for sustainable urban mobility

    action. Related SUMP themes- Assessment of current and future performance:  this tool supports planning ... particular poor with regard to any of above policy perspectives”- Monitoring, review, reporting:...

  9. Tool
    12 April 2016

    NODES interchange benchmark tool

    public transport services, has created an open-access benchmark tool that allows policymakers and ...   NODES designed tools to support European cities in the design and operation of new or upgraded ... ...

  10. Tool
    12 April 2016

    Methodology to improve safety and mobility of vulnerable road users through ITS

    2709 reads ITS applications have contributed to improving road safety in recent years. However, these benefits have not been equally divided among different types of road users. Vulnerable road users (VRU)-...