Annex D: Checklist

By Admin Eltis / Updated: 28 May 2019

The Checklist provided within the original Guidelines (January 2014) has been superceded by the SUMP Self-Assessment Scheme, which is due to be launched during the autumn 2015.

The SUMP Self-Assessmentinfo-icon Scheme allows a city to demonstrate the compliance of its mobilityinfo-icon planning process with the European Commission SUMP concept and guidelines. This free, online self-assessment process comprises 100 questions based on the plan-making steps of the guidelines. There is no time limit for completing the self-assessment. A city might want to answer all questions in one go, or pause for discussion and finish the remaining questions at a later point. Alternatively, planning practitioners may wish to work through the assessment over a much longer period of time, utilising the questions as a checklist during team meetings. For this purpose, a downloadable pre-assessment document containing all the questions is available.

As the authors of the SUMP Guidelines, Rupprecht Consult has developed the SUMP Self-Assessment Scheme, which is disseminated in the context of the EU co-funded project CH4LLENGE.