Activity 2.4: Agree on work plan and management arrangements

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Developing and implementing a Sustainable Urban Mobility Planinfo-icon is a complex process. While a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan is building on existing planning practices, these practices may have to be revised and optimised. It may also be necessary to take on new tasks, and to work across boundaries. These management arrangements need to be politically approved to create “security of the action”. All actors with a role in developing and implementing the plan need to have a clear understanding of who does what and when. A work plan document should indicate all necessary milestones for developing the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan.



  • Clarify and formalise the roles of the actors and their resourceinfo-icon contributions.
  • Create “security” for the planning process.
  • Ensure transparencyinfo-icon of the planning process.
  • Secure a sound co-ordination among all planning activities.
  • Facilitate an efficient planning process, making optimum use of the available resources.
  • Address different types of planning risks.



  • Ensure that there is a clear political mandate and support for your Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan.
  • Determine a coordinator with responsibility and resources for organising the work.
  • Draft an overall work plan for the planning process, indicating all necessary milestones and ensuring political approval. Maintain a certain flexibility to amend the work plan as the work progresses.
  • Develop strategies to overcome barriers and fully exploit drivers (> linked to Activity 1.3 Conduct self-assessmentinfo-icon).
  • Agree on management procedures and tasks with all stakeholders responsible for planning tasks (also within your own organisation).
  • Assess risks and plan for relevant contingencies.
  • Monitor progress, enforce work plan implementation and/or adapt to changes.


Timing and coordination

  • From the outset – adoption of work plan for the planning process as a key milestone



Political mandate and support for your plan concluded.
Coordinator of the planning process determined.
Strategyinfo-icon for risk management and quality managementinfo-icon devised.
Work plan for your planning process developed and politically approved.


For more information

GUIDEMAPS Project (2002 – 2004)

Volume 1 of the handbook “Concepts and Tools” provides a framework for good project management and decision making (pp. 30-33).

Volume 2 “Factsheets” deals in more detail with the management of resources (FS 11, pp. 26-27) and how to overcome management process barriers (FS 31, p. 66).[1].pdf