Mobility management

By Admin Eltis / Updated: 28 May 2019

Definition – Mobilityinfo-icon management is a means to promote sustainable transport and manage the demand for car use by changing travellers’ attitudes and behaviour. At the core of mobility management are "soft" measures like information and communication, organising services and coordinating the activities of different partners. “Soft” measures most often enhance the effectiveness of "hard" measures within urban transport (e.g., new tram lines, new roads and new bike lanes). Mobility management measures (as compared to "hard" measures) often do not require large financial investments and may have a high benefit-cost ratio.

Relevance to SUMP – The SUMP approach encourages a balanced development of all transport modes through actions that include technical, promotional and marketing-based measures as well as infrastructure. Authorities developing a SUMP should therefore consider the role mobility management initiatives can play within their wider strategyinfo-icon during the process of measureinfo-icon selection.

Source: EPOMM (online) 2015

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