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Definition – This refers to an official “stamp of approval” from a recognised outside body on the characteristics or capabilities of a plan, project, product, person or organisation. This approval is often based on some form of external review or auditinfo-icon.

Relevance to SUMP - Quality managementinfo-icon schemes enable local authorities to improve their own SUMP development and implementation processes and performance. Implementation of a quality management scheme typically leads to audit and certificationinfo-icon by an external organisation. Once certification is achieved, this enables the local authorityinfo-icon to demonstrate the quality of the planning processes and SUMP to European funding institutions and to compare the practices with those of other cities.

The EC Transport White Paper (EC, 2011) includes an initiative requiring regional development and cohesion funds to be contingent upon cities and regions having submitted a current, independently validated Urban Mobilityinfo-icon Performance and Sustainabilityinfo-icon Audit Certificate. Additionally, the SUMP Annex to the Urban Mobility Package (EC, 2013) states that local planning authorities should have mechanisms to ensure quality and validate compliance of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Planinfo-icon with the requirements of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan concept. These policyinfo-icon documents have led to the development of auditing and certification schemes that relate to the development and implementation of Sustainability Urban Mobility Plans (see audit).

Source: EC, 2011

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