By Admin Eltis / Updated: 28 May 2019

Definition – An appraisalinfo-icon is the analytical process of judging the relative merits of strategies before they are implemented, using a structured methodology. Appraisals can involve both quantitative and qualitative approaches to analyse the likely effects of proposed policies and measures.

Multi-criteria appraisalinfo-icon refers to an appraisal of a scenarioinfo-icon or measureinfo-icon looking at more than one SUMP targetinfo-icon or policyinfo-icon sector (e.g. land use, health, safety etc.)

Relevance to SUMP – An appraisal (ex-ante evaluationinfo-icon – see evaluation) is typically conducted during SUMP development to test scenarios and assess options to understand whether potential measures will be effective and represent value for money, or whether they may need to be enhanced or adapted in some way. Appraisal methods typically include transport modelling, scenario building and multi-criteria appraisal.

In contrast to appraisal, evaluation (ex-post evaluation) takes place after implementation of a measure or an overall SUMP and is used to assess whether the measure (or SUMP) has been effective and represents value for money or whether it needs modification or enhancement.

Source: ITS Leeds KonSULT (online); CH4LLENGE 2014; EC SEA website, 2014; DfT (UK) WebTAG methodology (Transport Analysis Guidance Website).

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