Walking and cycling

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Walking and cycling are the cleanest and most efficient forms of transport, particularly suited for short to moderate distances. Both provide numerous benefits. They improve health, do not produce air or noise pollution and help to reduce congestion.

Introducing cycling infrastructure (e.g. bike lanes, bike parking and hire schemes) are ways in which cities can promote cycling, while creating pedestrian-friendly spaces can promote commuting, shopping and recreation.

By Maria Guilarte / Updated: 23 Sep 2016

A new book published about Mobility Management and Integrated Transport Policies from PhD Thesis in Brazil


Book´s name
¨Gerenciamento da Mobilidade e Política Integrada dos Transportes
Pesquisa de resultados com sucesso no mundo, contribuindo com uma metodologia proposta para o Brasil e América Latina¨

Printed by Novas Edições Acadêmicas (2016-08-08), Germany

Project Book: ISBN-13: 978-3-8417-2145-7

Language: PT from Brazil

Research vision and contribution for all transport and sustainable mobility community:

By Hyatt / Updated: 03 Aug 2016

Do you work in the field of sustainable mobility? Please share your experience!


I have created a survey intended for individuals and organizations, who are concerned with Sustainable Mobility and Urban Development. The survey seeks to gain key insights into which factors best support change (modal shift) in cities, by better understanding the priorities, strategies and experiences of all who are concerned with this topic.

By Merle / Updated: 08 Mar 2016

Bristol, Europe’s Green Capital in 2015, unveils city toolkit


In 2015, the city of Bristol has been Europe’s Green Capital. This was also an outcome of 40 years of environmental efforts with great progress in many areas. Now, Bristol is willing to help other cities around the world to “go green” by sharing its experience and knowledge about sustainability at the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris (COP21). The city is doing this through a free online toolkit called The Bristol Method (https://www.bristol2015.co.uk/method/) which documents everything Bristol has learnt from its year as European Green Capital so other cities can benefit.

By JamieHough / Updated: 06 May 2015

Research request: Behaviour change intervention for car dooring targeted at taxi drivers and passengers


We are designing a behaviour change intervention for car dooring targeted at taxi drivers and passengers in the City of Melbourne, Australia.

As part of this process we are trying to identify effective countermeasures that have been proven elsewhere. We are looking for evidence, based on properly evaluated interventions, to inform the design of our own program.

From an initial web-based search we have identified a small number of potential case studies. However, as is usually the case, only limited information is available online.

By JamieHough / Updated: 05 May 2015

Research request: Programs that encourage residents to walk to local mixed use (cultural and retail) precincts/centres



I am conducting research into behaviour change programs/interventions/campaigns that encourage residents to walk to local mixed use (cultural and retail) precincts, which will inform the design of an intervention to be delivered in Melbourne, Australia.

As part of this research I am trying to identify a number of evidence-based case studies (fully evaluated). As such, I am also very interested in understanding the monitoring and evaluation frameworks behind the project.

By Eltis Team / Updated: 23 Apr 2015
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The Blue Bike

Blue Bike is Belgium's national bicycle sharing scheme, managed since 2011 by FietsenWerk and Belgian National Railways, to promote the use of bicycles in combination with railway journeys.
Today, thanks to this innovative scheme, 44 train stations located in 6 Belgian cities feature a bicycle renting system that benefits over 5000 train users all around the country, making easier for people to reach their final destination after their railway journey.

By News Editor / Updated: 05 Jun 2014
By News Editor / Updated: 24 Sep 2014