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  1. Facts & figures
    06 June 2014

    Air quality in European cities

    4215 reads Air Quality in Europe provides data for the roadside and background air quality situation in European cities in a comparable and easily understandable way as all detailed measurements are...

  2. Facts & figures
    06 June 2014

    AirBase- The European air quality database

    4928 reads AirBase is the European air quality database maintained by the EEA through its European topic centre on air pollution and climate change mitigation. It contains air quality monitoring data and...

  3. Facts & figures
    01 November 2014

    APTA Public Transport Fact Book

    4639 reads The Public Transportation Fact Book, published annually, contains national aggregate statistical data covering all aspects of the transit industry in the United States and Canada. Major sections...

  4. Facts & figures
    01 August 2013

    Austrian cycling in numbers

    4350 reads Radverkehr in Zahlen (Bicycle traffic in figures) is an Austrian report about cycling. It gives a statistical overview about cycling traffic from a number of different perspectives including ...

  5. Facts & figures
    01 November 2014

    Cycling and urban air quality

    14579 reads Increasing the numbers of people who choose to cycle rather than drive is a well-established method to reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality. The European Cyclists' Federation...

  6. Facts & figures
    27 August 2015

    ECF Resource Library

    13347 reads The European Cyclists' Federation's Resource Library is a database that hosts a number of documents and reports related to cycling. European Cyclists' Federation European Sources...

  7. Facts & figures
    06 June 2014

    EEA: Transport and environment indicators

    4163 reads The European Environment Agency (EEA) provides a useful collection of different data concerning both transport and environment in a large field of activity, including accessibility, energy...

  8. Facts & figures
    29 May 2015

    EEA: Transport and Environment Reporting Mechanism (TERM) reports

    15006 reads The annual TERM reports prepared by EEA help to track environmental performance of transport in the EEA member countries. The report uses a set of indicators that are regularly updated. Annually...

  9. Facts & figures
    01 March 2016

    ETSC: How safe are new cars sold in the EU?

    9103 reads Although European roads still claim too many fatalities and seriously injured, the long-term safety trend has been positive.  Among others, improved vehicle safety standards since the late 1990s...

  10. Facts & figures
    27 October 2017

    EU Research & Innovation for and with Cities: Yearly Mapping Report September 2017

    Report 8226 reads English This report provides an overview of the main EU Research and Innovation (R&I) actions for and with cities, promoted both at the European and international level to foster...