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    14 July 2022

    Urban Mobility Days 2022- Day 1 Programme now available

    As Urban Mobility Days fast approaches, we are delighted to share a preview of what we have in store for the first day of the programme. ...

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    13 July 2022

    Small electric vehicles are transforming urban delivery

    An electric bike startup, which rents e-bikes to food delivery workers and other couriers, is partnering with and EV company to test a new electric three-wheeled vehicle for urban delivery. ...

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    30 June 2022

    Is there life after death for Europe's lithium-ion batteries?

    Europe has an opportunity to establish the safest and most sustainable lithium-ion battery value chain in the world. Efficient reverse logistics would significantly decrease the carbon emissions in the life...

  4. Event
    08 September 2022

    City Transport & Traffic Innovation (CiTTi) Live conference and exhibition

    705 reads Language English The City Transport & Traffic Innovation (CiTTi) Live  is an opportunity for the industry to explore how innovations within traffic and transport will help move people and...

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    21 June 2022

    16 year-olds will be able to drive electric cars in Spain

    The Spanish Ministry of the Interior has announced the launch of a new B1 licence to allow 16-year-olds to drive electric cars by 2023. ...

  6. Event
    31 August 2022

    6th Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility (CSUM 2022)

    1437 reads Language English CSUM 2022 The 6th Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility – CSUM2022 will take place in Skiathos, Greece from  31 August- 2 September 2022. The theme of this year’s Conference...

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    09 June 2022

    Finland sets up working group for development of alternative fuel infrastructure

    Finland’s Ministry of Transport and Communications has created a working group to support the roll-out of infrastructure for alternative transport fuels and energy sources. ...

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    27 May 2022

    Subsidies for Italian businesses purchasing cargo bikes

    Any Italian company or business activity that invested in the purchase of a cargo bike for its daily activities in 2021 will now be able to receive up to 30% of the total expense, up to a maximum of EUR 2...

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    26 May 2022

    Zero-interest loan for residents and small businesses in France’s low emission zones

    From January 2023, people and companies living or working in or next to a low emission mobility zones (ZFE-m) in France can apply for a zero-interest loan to buy a low-emission vehicle. ...

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    24 May 2022

    Plans for more green energy in the trolleybus grid in Gdynia

    In the light of the latest tremendous and unprecedented rise in energy prices in Poland since the beginning of 2022, Gdynia trolleybus transport municipal operator’s (PKT GDYNIA) plans to invest in a...