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  1. Video
    02 October 2019

    Revised SUMP Guidelines – in brief

    This video clip provides a brief explanation of revisions to the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan ...

  2. Video
    02 October 2019

    2nd edition SUMP Guidelines; Who can use the Guidelines?

    Watch this video to find out who can use the 2nd edition Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan ...

  3. Video
    02 October 2019

    Extending the SUMP Guidelines to include a range of topics

    Authors of some of the seventeen topic guides and practitioner briefings describe why the new thematic guides are an essential addition to the guidelines. ...

  4. Video
    02 October 2019

    Introducing the Revised SUMP Guidelines (Video)

    Matthew Baldwin (Deputy Director-General responsible for Mobility and Transport (DG MOVE) and Siegfried Rupprecht (Executive Director of Rupprecht Consult) explain the rationale behind the SUMP Guideline...

  5. Video
    16 September 2019

    Video message by Commissioner Violeta Bulc for EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK 2019

    download the video with subtitles in other official EU languages, visit the European Commission's ...

  6. Video
    13 September 2019

    The positive influence of the SUMP on travel behaviour in Bremen (short video)

    video is accompanied by a longer video with additional details.  2011 reads Germany Bremen Eltis Eltis ...

  7. Video
    13 September 2019

    The positive influence of the SUMP on travel behaviour in Bremen (long video)

    alternative to private vehicle ownership. This three-minute video is accompanied by a short video which is ...

  8. Video
    13 August 2019

    Parking Space Management in Krakow

    city. The video is available with subtitles, too: English version Polish version Visit the Park4SUMP ...

  9. Video
    24 July 2019

    The Story of Turin's Transformative SUMP

    its mobility name in a different way and its SUMP sits at the heart of this transformation. This video ...

  10. Video
    22 July 2019

    Lindau, winner of the EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK Award 2018 for smaller municipalities

    traffic management. This video gives viewers a look at the innovative activities and measures that led ...