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  1. Event
    10 October 2023

    The International Mobility Summit 2022

    11 reads Language English English Get inspired, meet industry peers, connect with future clients and partners. Join innovators, dreamers, and policy makers and meet the shapeshifters changing the way we...

  2. Event
    06 September 2023

    hEART 2023

    4x přečteno Jazyk Anglicky The 11th hEART Symposium will take place from 6-8 September, 2023 in Zurich, Switzerland. Short papers of 2000-3000 words are invited for submission by 1st of March 2023....

  3. Event
    13 June 2023

    WE-TRANSFORM 5th Stakeholder Forum Workshop 2023

    10 reads Language English WE-TRANSFORM 5th Stakeholder Forum Workshop 2023 will take place 13-14 June in Vienna, Austria. EU H2020 project WE-TRANSFORM project aims to create a policy agenda to prepare for...

  4. News
    06 June 2023

    Outlook for connected and automated public transport vehicles reviewed

    The PAV project has published its European Outlook 2023 report on Co-operative, Connected and Automated Mobility (CCAM), which provides an overview of current developments and trends in CCAM for public...

  5. Event
    22 May 2023

    ITS European Congress 2023

    899 de afişări Limba Engleză The 15th ITS European Congress hosted by ERTICO – ITS Europe and Lisboa Câmara Municipal will take place in Lisbon, Portugal  from 22-24 May 2023. The theme of the 15th ITS...

  6. Event
    17 May 2023

    Making future mobility safer for people inside and outside the vehicle

    On 17 May 2023, join researchers, policymakers, automotive experts and road safety enthusiasts at Applus+ IDIADA for a showcase of the SAFE-UP project's final demonstrators. ...

  7. News
    05 May 2023

    Zaragoza green lights the construction of Europe's first vertiport

    A first in Europe, the city council of Zaragoza has given the green light for the construction a vertiport, a hub for landing and take-off of drones in the city to transport goods and passengers. ...

  8. Event
    03 May 2023

    European Conference on Connected and Automated Driving 2023

    144 lecturas Idioma Inglés The  European Conference on Connected and Automated Driving (EUCAD2023) will take place in Brussels, Belgium from 3-4 May 2023, 08:30-17:30 CEST.  To make transport smarter, safer...

  9. News
    19 April 2023

    Two EU funded projects are exploring how drones can be used safely in cities

    Two EU-funded projects, DELOREAN and LABYRINTH, are exploring how drones can be used safely in cities to ensure that they do not pose a risk to people on the ground. ...

  10. Video
    19 April 2023

    The future in motion: PAV Almere virtual pilot

    Autonomous vehicles (AVs) have the potential to radically transform the spaces we travel through and to. While many European cities have already started experimenting with autonomous mobility, much of the...