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  1. Video
    28 May 2014

    Use technology in regular teaching

    4016 reads Barcelona Eltis Traffic and demand management ...

  2. Video
    29 May 2014

    Is EU Criminal Law a thread to British justice?

    Test 3 con imagen y video 9501 reads Barcelona Red Other everis Mobility management ...

  3. Video
    03 June 2014

    Graz: Pedelec testing for senior citizens in Graz

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  4. Video
    08 December 2022

    Real-Time Passenger Information System for the agglomeration of 56 cities in Poland

    The Metropolitan Transport Authority (ZTM) is the biggest transport organiser in Poland. ZTM serves the area of 56 cities and municipalities, in the territory of 2,500km², connecting the most important...

  5. Video
    29 June 2020

    Metamorphosis project- Introductory video

    implemented is illustrated in the “Metamorphosis project – Introduction” video. The video describes the ... about. The compact four-minute video is a great way to comprehend the background ideas of...

  6. Video
    29 October 2020

    City streets and mobility through the eyes of children

    Children can tell us things that are vital for creating better spaces and their thoughts can help to make mobility better in general. To overcome the fixed mindset of urban planners, children within the...

  7. Video
    22 March 2019

    EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK Award 2018 – Larger municipalities – Lisbon

    This video features content on Lisbon, winner of the EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK Award 2018 for larger ...

  8. Video
    22 March 2019

    EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK Award 2018 – Smaller municipalities – Lindau Bodensee

    This video features content on Lindau Bodensee, winner of the EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK Award 2018 ... they employed are available in the video – with further information from the EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK ...

  9. Video
    22 March 2019

    7th SUMP Award on multimodality- Greater Manchester

    This video features content on Greater Manchester – winner of the 7th SUMP Award on multimodality ...

  10. Video
    21 May 2021

    ULaaDS (Urban Logistics as an on-Demand Service)- Meet Uly!

    project. This animated video from the ULaaDS project gives viewers a digestible visual introduction to some ...