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  1. Event
    02 April 2024

    Connecting Europe Days 2024

    3 reads Language English Connecting Europe Days 2024 conference will take place 2-5 April in Brussels, Belgium. It brings together politicians, financial institutions, industry representatives, transport...

  2. News
    04 October 2023

    Malta embarking on EUR 20 million electric bus venture

    Malta Public Transport is embarking on a €20 million initiative to electrify the nation's public transportation network. ...

  3. Event
    04 October 2023

    Urban Mobility Days 2023

    358 lectures Langue Anglais Urban Mobility Days conference, from  4 to 6 October 2023 in Seville, Spain, brings together the European Commission, politicians, academics, NGOs, local authorities, industry...

  4. Event
    02 October 2023

    PIARC World Road Congress 2023

    7 afişări Limba Engleză The  XXVIIth edition of the PIARC World Road Congress, held every four years, will take place  in Prague from 2–6 October 2023. The theme is  “Prague 2023 – Together on the road...

  5. News
    21 September 2023

    Commission highlights 10 cutting-edge research projects to drive the EV transition

    The Commission has published a "CORDIS Results pack" to highlight 10 research projects that seek to accelerate the electrification of road transport, thus supporting the transition to a sustainable...

  6. News
    24 August 2023

    Cyprus introduces inaugural fleet of electric buses

    Cyprus Public Transport recently introduced its inaugural fleet of electric buses, with the primary objective to bolster the drive for environmentally sustainable and ecologically friendly public...

  7. News
    08 August 2023

    Dublin commences testing of its inaugural fleet of battery electric buses

    Dublin is welcoming its first battery electric buses, signalling a major stride towards low emission transport in the city. ...

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    07 August 2023

    From 2029, electric cars to incur fewer costs than diesel vehicles in Slovakia

    According to a study undertaken for Slovakia, electric cars could save their buyers €2,500 compared to their diesel equivalent five years before the EU's combustion engine ban comes into force. ...

  9. News
    26 July 2023

    New electric buses acquired for South West Germany

    A regional public transport company in South West Germany, Südwestdeutsche Landesverkehrs GmbH, has ordered up to 25 new electric buses from Dutch manufacturer Ebusco, which will be put into operation in the...

  10. News
    20 July 2023

    Study Finds: Shared E-Scooters Offer Environmental Benefits

    Researchers at UCL have assessed the environmental impacts of shared e-scooters, based on use data from a trial conducted in Bristol and a Life Cycle Assessment based on raw data provided by Voi and...