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By Admin Eltis / Updated: 28 May 2019

Definition – In the context of SUMP, a visioninfo-icon is a qualitative description of a desired urban mobilityinfo-icon future that serves to guide the development of targets and the selection of suitable measures throughout the SUMP preparation process.

Relevance to SUMP – The development of a common vision of mobility with stakeholders, in the wider context of urban development, is an essential step which should take place at an early stage of the process. Examples show that a powerful shared vision can be highly relevant for the success of the overall process (e.g. implementing the congestion charge in London or cycle infrastructure in the city of Copenhagen). It is important that each city decides about the balance between the level of the vision (and ambition) that is communicated in a plan and the level of realism of what can be implemented during the timeframe of the SUMP. 


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