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  1. News
    05 October 2021

    Turku is conducting three pilot projects to promote cycling

    The Finnish city of Turku has launched three new pilot projects to help promote cycling. These include the installation of charging cabinets for electric bicycle batteries, enclosed bike parking garages and...

  2. News
    21 September 2021

    Rome initiates its Great Bicycle Ring Road

    Rome is pioneering new cycling infrastructure through the GRAB (Great Bicycle Ring Road) project. ...

  3. News
    07 September 2021

    Amsterdam expands the use of its smart bike parking tag

    The City of Amsterdam takes action to increase the speed of access to bicycle parking, through the use of a scannable barcode tag as a means of entering parking facilities. ...

  4. News
    12 August 2021

    CIVITAS Handshake project supports analysis of Denmark’s Cycle Superhighways

    1362 reads Spanning the Capital Region of Denmark are the ' Cycle Superhighways' – a network of bicycle commuter routes that cross municipal borders, totalling 176 km. By 2045, it is exepcted that...

  5. News
    11 August 2021

    Barcelona metropolitan area gets public bike service

    The Metropolitan Area of Barcelona plans to extend the catchment area of public transport by interlinking its stations with a public bicycle service of initially 200 stations and 2,000 bicycles. ...

  6. News
    19 July 2021

    EU funding for cycling routes across Slovenia

    1067 reads The Slovenian Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy has approved EU funding for a range of cycling routes across the country. The total value of the projects amounts to ...

  7. News
    15 July 2021

    Helsinki cyclists can earn money by gathering data during a ride

    Helsinki invites its residents to map out the city’s cycling paths while cycling and earning money at the same time. ...

  8. Event
    04 November 2021

    Integrating urban design and infrastructure to accommodate public transport

    1108 reads Language English POLIS has launched a webinar series delving into the future of public transport. Across a series of exclusive events, they look towards the next generation of public transport,...

  9. Event
    20 October 2021

    CIVITAS Forum Conference 2021

    1092 reads Language English English The CIVITAS Forum is a bi-annual event hosted by the CIVITAS Initiative that celebrates, promotes and encourages sustainable cities and sustainable urban mobility...

  10. Event
    14 October 2021

    Promoting Soft Mobility In the Mediterranean: Towards more sustainable mobility syste

    380 reads Language English The Urban Transports Community will unveil policy recommendations for the implementation of soft mobility in the Mediterranean and will showcase the results of a successful...