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  1. News
    18 March 2022

    Application of Traction Supply System for Charging Electric Cars

    The development of electromobility involves the development of electric car charging infrastructure. The increase in the number of chargers poses new demands for the AC power grid. As an alternative for the...

  2. News
    17 March 2022

    What will happen to used EV batteries in the future?

    633 reads In the next decade, the number of returned electric vehicle batteries (EVBs) is expected to surge. By 2030 there will be 111,000 tonnes (or 25 GWh) of end-of-life EVBs in Europe, while almost 500...

  3. News
    14 March 2022

    Austrian Post to only purchase zero-emission vehicles

    Austrian Post has announced that it is to stop purchasing fossil-fuelled vehicles and that it will instead develop its vehicle fleet with only electric vehicles. ...

  4. News
    11 March 2022

    Implementation of fast charger infrastructure for e-buses started in Maribor

    The Municipality of Maribor is developing solutions for energy-efficient public transport by planning the electrification of their bus fleet. ...

  5. Event
    15 June 2022

    MOVE 2022

    501 reads Language English MOVE 2022 MOVE 2022 conference is an important annual mobility event, where disruptive technology and innovation drive change. It is a specialised, cross-modal and focused event...

  6. Event
    11 June 2022

    International Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition 2022

    578 reads Language English International Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition The 35th Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhitbition  is the world’s largest electric mobility conference and exhibition...

  7. Event
    10 June 2022

    EfficienCE Final Conference

    298 reads Language English English We are pleased to invite you to the  EfficienCE final conference, taking place in Leipzig, Germany on 10 June 2022. We are very proud to present to you our project results...

  8. News
    28 February 2022

    Hungary pilots its first hydrogen bus route

    Budapest is home to a three-week pilot of a hydrogen bus service, which forms part of a wider strategy on hydrogen use in Hungary. ...

  9. Event
    31 May 2022

    Expert discussion on how a photovoltaic plant was implemented as part of the EfficienCE project

    362 reads Language English Meet an expert online from Wiener Linien on 31 May 2022 at 10:00-11:30 CET  and learn about the experiences in implementing a special foil-based and light photovoltaic plant on...

  10. Event
    27 May 2022

    Online event about the implementation of energy-efficiency public transport pilots in Pilsen, Maribor and Gdynia

    579 reads Language English English On 27 May at 10:00-12:00 CET, meet experts in energy-efficiency in public transport from PKT (trolleybus operator in Gdynia), PMDP (public transport operator in Pilsen)...