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  1. News
    16 September 2021

    EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK celebrates its 20th year!

    EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK, the European Commission’s awareness-raising campaign promoting clean and sustainable urban transport, comes to towns and cities across Europe and beyond until 22 September. ...

  2. News
    14 September 2021

    European Year of Rail: Connecting Europe Express

    The ‘Connecting Europe Express’, a special train introduced as part of the European Year of Rail 2021, left Lisbon station on 2 September 2021 to start its journey across Europe. ...

  3. News
    10 September 2021

    European Green Capital 2023 and European Green Leaf 2022 Award Results

    The European Green Capital 2023 Award goes to the Estonian city of Tallinn. The title of European Green Leaf 2022 jointly went to the Portuguese city of Valongo and Winterswijk in the Netherlands.  ...

  4. Event
    09 December 2021

    1st Conference of CIVINET Greece – Cyprus Network

    The 1st Conference of the CIVINET Greece – Cyprus Network will be held on 9-10 December 2021, under the title “Greek Society towards the Challenge of Sustainable Mobility on the horizon of 2030”. ...

  5. Event
    06 December 2021

    Regulating Transport on Demand in the EU

    673 reads Language English English Effectively addressing urban mobility at EU level raises many challenges and opportunities for the sector. Following the major initiatives and strategies adopted by the EU...

  6. Event
    01 December 2021

    2021 Annual POLIS Conference

    The 2021 POLIS Annual Conference will take place on 1-2 December in Gothenburg, Sweden. ...

  7. Event
    30 November 2021

    Smart Transport Conference- Connecting Policy To Solutions

    552 reads Language English As the UK’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases, the transport and mobility sector has a fundamental role to play in tackling climate change and the Smart Transport conference...

  8. Event
    29 November 2021

    Mobility and public space practices towards sustainability and livability Webinar

    1502 reads Language English Mobility and public space practices towards sustainability and livability Webinar The URBACT European Territorial Cooperation programme aims to foster sustainable integrated...

  9. Event
    25 November 2021

    Conference on European Missions

    1024 reads Language English ​​​​Launching the implementation of EU Missions and presentation of the European Commission's call for interest EU missions, launched by the European Commission on 29...

  10. Training material
    22 November 2021

    EnerNetMob- 1st training package

    1053 reads EnerNETMob is an Integrated project of the Interreg-MED Programme that has 3 phases: studying, testing and capitalization phase. The project promotes policy recommendations and holistic SEMPs ...