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    06 January 2022

    Delivering the European Green Deal

    The European Green Deal includes a range of targets and initiatives to address emissions from the urban transport sector. ...

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    05 January 2022

    UITP publishes Better Urban Mobility Playbook

    UITP recently published the Better Urban Mobility Playbook- a tool for governments and local decision makers to build better urban mobility as well as achieve inclusive, resilient and sustainable cities. ...

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    04 January 2022

    Creating resilience in our urban transport

    As our climate warms, our mobility systems need to develop the resilience required to withstand the impacts of environmental change. ...

  4. News
    27 December 2021

    Bike lanes are winning votes

    The recent polling successes of many mayors from London to Madrid, reveals that residents are voting for pedal power. ...

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    23 December 2021

    Commission adopts amended Horizon Europe work programme 2021-2022 for the Missions

    On 15 December 2021, the amended version of the Horizon Europe Work Programme 21-22 for the Missions was adopted. The first call for the Cities Missions will be open on 11 January 2022. ...

  6. News
    22 December 2021

    User-friendly Information- Tool on Urban and Regional Access Regulations Schemes

    The ’UVAR State of the Art Report’ of the UVAR Box project is the result of the UVAR Box partners’ investigations on existing and planned UVAR (Urban Vehicle Access Regulation) policies at the local,...

  7. News
    15 December 2021

    New SUMP Practitioner Briefing on Urban Air Mobility

    A new Practitioner Briefing on Urban Air Mobility and Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning has been developed. ...

  8. News
    14 December 2021

    New SUMP Topic guide on safe use of micromobility devices in urban areas

    A new SUMP Topic Guide focusing on micromobility in the SUMP planning and implementation process has been prepared. ...

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    14 December 2021

    European Commission releases new Urban Mobility Framework

    The new European Urban Mobility Framework – part of the wider “Efficient and Green Mobility Package” released on 14 December – aims to make urban mobility more sustainable, smart, and healthy. ...

  10. News
    10 December 2021

    Online brochure on the ‘Urban Agenda for the EU – Multi-level governance in action’ updated

    On 26 November 2021, the European Commission published an updated version of the online brochure on the ‘Urban Agenda for the EU – Multi-level governance in action’. ...