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    12 December 2022

    Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning in Foshan

    As part of the SUMP Foshan Pilot Project, the Sino-German Cooperation on Low Carbon Transport and the China Sustainable Transportation Center (CSTC), in cooperation with the city of Foshan, have prepared a...

  2. News
    09 December 2022

    Expectations and Success Factors for Urban Air Mobility in Europe

    The new EIT Urban Mobility report on Urban Air Mobility (UAM) provides insights on what future applications for UAM in Europe could look like. ...

  3. News
    08 December 2022

    New innovation provides wheelchair access to e-scooters

    Due to an innovation by a French start-up, e-scooters can now be available to people who use wheelchairs through a universal attachment. ...

  4. News
    07 December 2022

    A second micro hydrogen refuelling station to be delivered in Slovakia

    A second micro Hydrogen Refuelling Station (HRS) will be delivered and installed in Slovakia to supply hydrogen to fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) users in the public. This follows an order for a micro...

  5. News
    06 December 2022

    Transport decision makers review the role of cities in decarbonising transport

    European Vice President Frans Timmermans, Professor Carlos Moreno and leading mobility decision makers from cities around Europe assembled at the annual Polis conference to discuss what cities will need to...

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    05 December 2022

    ReVeAL toolkit to develop good practice UVARs

    The EU Horizon 2020 project ReVeAL produced a toolkit to support decision makers in the process of planning and implementing UVARs. ...

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    02 December 2022

    Brussels bans mopeds not meeting Euro 5 by 2025

    Brussels bans mopeds from its Low Emission Zone that do not meet Euro 5 emission standards, starting in 2025. ...

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    01 December 2022

    ±15-Minute City: Human-Centred Planning in Action

    EIT Urban Mobility have shared a new study which explores the different dimensions of the 15 minute city, looking at practical solutions to make cities and neighbourhoods more accessible and inclusive. ...

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    30 November 2022

    Sofia plans to implement a park and bike lane around the city centre

    Sofia's 'Green Ring' project aims to integrate the more peripheral and vulnerable neighbourhoods of the city into its sustainable urban mobility network. It will do this by adapting abandoned...

  10. News
    29 November 2022

    Integrating Mobility Management into SUMPs: submit feedback now on the draft SUMP Topic Guide

    The public is warmly invited to submit feedback until 13 December on the draft SUMP Topic Guide on integrating mobility management for public and private organisations into SUMPs. ...