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    28 February 2018

    Germany's Supreme Administrative Court to permit Urban Vehicle Access Restrictions (UVARs) on diesel vehicles

    3185 reads Germany’s Supreme Administrative Court has decided that restrictions- even stretching to bans on diesel cars in German cities are generally permissible. The background of the lawsuit relates to a...

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    19 April 2018

    Tax breaks and incentives make Europeans buy cleaner cars while trucks and buses are expected to cause increased...

    1727 reads   Taxes, subsidies and other incentives to purchase low or zero emission vehicles have contributed to a drop of carbon dioxide emissions from new passenger cars. Recent data published by the...

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    25 May 2018

    Ukraine bans parking on pavements and along roads

    1633 reads The Ukraine is taking a step to improve pedestrian safety in the light of conflicts arising from car parking. During a recent update to the state building code (GOS) by the Ministry of Regional...

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    07 June 2018

    EU total greenhouse gas emissions slightly on the decline but transport emissions keep increasing

    2046 reads Official data from the European Environment Agency (EEA) on the greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) of the European Union show that there was a small reduction in GHG emissions (0.4%) in 2016 compared...

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    14 June 2018

    Schools join research into the effect of air pollution on children's health

    2284 reads   Air pollution is clearly one of the major challenges in London. On the one hand, it is the subject of alarming reports about the damage it causes, on the other hand many recent policy actions...

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    21 June 2018

    Study in Berlin showcases how shifts from car to public transport can work

    4744 reads   Most transport professionals in the sector of sustainable urban mobility would probably agree that the chances of encouraging someone to switch mode are higher when their life circumstances...

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    21 June 2018

    Autonomous cars require good car drivers

    2487 reads   It might sound a bit strange, but there is evidence from studies that autonomous driving requires good car drivers. Researchers of the “Center for Human-Computer Interaction” at the University...

  8. News
    28 June 2018

    Launch of Clean Air Petition by Member of Parliament for Edinburgh West Christine Jardine

    2123 reads The 21 of June 2018 was this year’s Clean Air Day across the United Kingdom, the right time to rethink air quality and to demonstrate necessary actions for air quality improvements. In Edinburgh,...

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    28 June 2018

    Edinburgh aims for regular “vehicle-free” days

    2313 reads Scotland’s capital celebrated its Summer Summit on Clean Air Day, 21 June 2018. To mark the event, some of the roads in the city centre were closed during the two-day event, including some  main...

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    05 July 2018

    Ireland plans to stop sales of new cars with tailpipes by 2030

    1776 reads The Irish government follows the recent announcement of other governments by setting a deadline for tailpipe-cars sales to end in 2030. Ireland’s Minister for Communications, Climate Action and...