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  1. News
    14 September 2021

    European Year of Rail: Connecting Europe Express

    The ‘Connecting Europe Express’, a special train introduced as part of the European Year of Rail 2021, left Lisbon station on 2 September 2021 to start its journey across Europe. ...

  2. News
    06 September 2021

    Barcelona issues annual public transport tickets to former car owners

    In Barcelona a large effort is underway to encourage drivers to replace car travel with public transit. Since 2017, the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona has provided over 12,000 metropolitan tickets to those...

  3. Video
    13 December 2021

    Madrid: The continued use of public transport during COVID-19

    During the pandemic Madrid managed to keep public transport running safely and efficiently. This video case study highlights how their public transport system adapted, presenting the measures taken by the...

  4. Event
    06 December 2021

    Regulating Transport on Demand in the EU

    673 reads Language English English Effectively addressing urban mobility at EU level raises many challenges and opportunities for the sector. Following the major initiatives and strategies adopted by the EU...

  5. News
    11 August 2021

    Barcelona metropolitan area gets public bike service

    The Metropolitan Area of Barcelona plans to extend the catchment area of public transport by interlinking its stations with a public bicycle service of initially 200 stations and 2,000 bicycles. ...

  6. News
    05 August 2021

    Longest rail tunnel in the Balkans gets underway

    Bulgaria has begun construction of a 7km long train tunnel near the Bulagarian capital, Sofia, aiding passenger and freight transport. ...

  7. News
    30 July 2021

    Public transport for one euro per day, is it possible in Germany

    An increasing number of German cities and regions are considering the introduction of the so-called ‘365-euro ticket’ for local public transport. ...

  8. Event
    17 November 2021

    Zero Emission Bus Conference

    23-24 March 2021. A two-day conference discussing zero-emission solutions for buses and public transport. ...

  9. Event
    17 November 2021

    Creating a paradigm shift towards gender and equality in smart mobility

    939 reads Language English On behalf of TInnGO and DIAMOND  projects, we would like to invite you to the final conference, being held jointly with the 10th International Symposium on Travel Demand...

  10. News
    21 July 2021

    Turin is looking for volunteers to test a 12-month MaaS trial

    The city of Turin, in the north of Italy, has called for residents to volunteer to take part in a 12-month mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) trial. Applications opened on 2 July and will remain open until 2...