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    14 February 2022

    The new EU Urban Mobility Framework is available in all languages

    The communication from the European Commission to the European Parliament, the Council, the EESC and the CoR on the New Urban Mobility Framework is now available in all languages. ...

  2. News
    11 February 2022

    New EC thematic reports and 'facts and figures' on road safety issues

    In January 2022, the European Commission added new road safety data and analytical resources to its library for European Road Safety Observatory (ERSO), with the publication of thematic reports on seat belt...

  3. News
    11 February 2022

    Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole expands its smart city initiatives

    Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole experiments with as part of a research and development contract to expand its smart city initiatives. ...

  4. News
    02 February 2022

    Urban Agenda Partnership Action Plan updated for new phase starting in 2022

    The Urban Agenda Partnership on Innovative and Responsible Public Procurement is presenting an Action Plan for the new phase starting in 2022. ...

  5. News
    31 January 2022

    Call for experts to join the EU's five Mission Boards closes on Wednesday

    There is still time left to apply to the European Commission’s call for experts to join the five Mission Boards, which closes on 2 February 2022. The experts will advise on the implementation of the EU...

  6. News
    25 January 2022

    Cyclists are less confident navigating traffic than before, says survey

    Micromobility operator Beryl has released the results of its annual survey in the UK, which indicates that cyclists are less confident navigating traffic than they were during the pandemic. ...

  7. News
    20 January 2022

    The Call for Expression of Interest to join the Mission “100 climate-neutral and smart cities by 2030” closes on 31...

    The Commission launched a call for expression of interest addressed to cities to join the European Mission on Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities, which closes on 31 January 2022. ...

  8. News
    19 January 2022

    The end of the European Year of Rail 2021 and launch of the European Year of Youth 2022

    As the European Year of Rail comes to an end, the European Year of Youth is launched. ...

  9. Event
    29 March 2022


    553 reads Language English European Conference results The European Commission, together with the European Road Transport Research Advisory Council (ERTRAC), the European Green Vehicles Initiative...

  10. News
    14 January 2022

    JRC Future Mobility Solutions Living Lab: Conceptual framework, state of play and way forward

    Living Labs can support the co-creation of new mobility concepts to promote their public acceptance and subsequently a more sustainable and smarter mobility. This new report presents the journey of...