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    02 January 2023

    Sofia to drive sustainable mobility projects with EIB loan

    Sofia invests in pedestrian infrastructure, aside a set of other sustainable mobility projects, with support of a EUR 50 million loan by the European Investment Bank. ...

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    30 December 2022

    New EU project fosters integration of autonomous vehicles in public transport services in European cities

    A new EU project is launched, ULTIMO, to lay the foundations for the deployment of the first commercial large scale, on-demand, and passenger-oriented AV public transportation service in European cities. ...

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    28 December 2022

    Luxembourg to inaugurate Europe’s longest cycling bridge

    Luxembourg extends its cycling path between the Capital and the university campus of Belval.The path includes a 1.2 km long cycling and walking bridge and a tunnel section led under railway tracks. ...

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    26 December 2022

    How can we extract more value from retired EV batteries?

    Dive into COBRA's latest Market Intelligence Report on extracting more value from retired EV batteries. ...

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    23 December 2022

    Barcelona Port Authority wins the ESPO Award 2022

    Barcelona Port Authority has received recognition from ESPO, the European Sea Ports Organisation, for its outstanding work in enhancing city connectivity through maritime passenger transport. ...

  6. News
    21 December 2022

    CINEA publishes Vision Zero brochure

    Road transport is the most widely used means of travel in the EU. It is also essential to the economy in terms of its contribution to GDP. However, road transport is the leading cause of accidents, serious...

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    19 December 2022

    San Sebastian uses sensors on disability parking spaces to counteract illegal parking

    Smart devices are being installed to let drivers with reduced mobility to know where nearest free spots can be found and deter illegal parking. ...

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    15 December 2022

    Spain will make public long-distance buses free to use in 2023

    The Spanish government has announced that the use of public long-distance buses in the country will be free in 2023. The subsidy applies to those with multi-trip tickets and effectively extends to long...

  9. News
    14 December 2022

    SUMP Topic Guide on Decarbonisation now available

    The SUMP topic Guide on “Decarbonisation of urban Mobility” has now been published, to provide hands-on advice to practitioners on mainstreaming climate change mitigation in SUMPs. ...

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    13 December 2022

    Kraków will be first Polish city to ban older cars

    Kraków is the first Polish city to introduce bans on older cars in order to improve air quality. The city's planned 'clean transport zone' will cover the entire city and will start in mid 2024...