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  1. Event
    13 March 2018

    Decongesting Europe: New approaches to freeing our cities

    4214 reads Language English How walking and cycling can help fighting congestion English The FLOW and TRACE projects join forces and invite you to an interactive event. It includes a TRACE "tracking...

  2. Event
    22 November 2018

    2018 Polis Conference

    2558 reads Language English Innovation in transport for sustainable cities and regions English The 2018 Annual Polis Conference 'Innovation in transport for sustainable cities and regions' will...

  3. Event
    21 May 2018


    2630 reads Language English English EU Green Week; Green Cities for a Greener Future is taking place from 21-25th May and will explore ways in which the EU is helping cities to become better places to live...

  4. Event
    29 May 2018

    Webinar: Developing an action plan for sustainable mobility at a functional urban area level. Last-mile logistics...

    1718 reads Language English English The majority of European cities have grown around identifiable centres, that are responsible for a relevant part of urban traffic from/to other urban areas and the...

  5. Event
    18 April 2018

    European Bus Systems of the Future 2 (EBSF_2) Final Conference

    1616 reads Language English English The  European Bus System of the Future_2  (EBSF_2) consortium is glad to invite you to the project’s  Final Conference  in  Vienna  on  18 April 2018. The EBSF_2 project...

  6. Event
    04 July 2018

    Business in Motion- Ideenschmiede Radverkehr

    1750 reads Language English German Ideenschmiede Radverkehr Promoting cycling is an important part of modern transport policy and should be included in every mobility plan – whether at state level, or in...

  7. Event
    19 June 2018

    Safer and Smarter – the Road to 2030

    1570 reads Language English The 2018 Road Safety Performance Index (PIN) Conference, Brussels English The PIN covers all relevant areas of road safety including road user behaviour, infrastructure and...

  8. Event
    22 May 2018

    CREATE final conference

    1679 reads Language English "Get going! Tackling congestion in Europe and beyond" English TAMING THE CAR! Cities are recognising that their success and their citizens’ well-being depend on...

  9. Event
    23 May 2018

    From data to policy: New approaches for data-driven and smart road safety policies in cities and regions

    4303 reads Language English Official Side Event at the International Transport Forum Summit English The event discusses how innovation in road safety can make cities safer. It takes place at the 2018 ITF...

  10. Event
    22 May 2019

    International Transport Forum Summit 2019

    1985 reads Language English Transport Connectivity for Regional Integration English The 2019 Summit on "Transport Connectivity for Regional Integration" will be held from 22 to 24 May 2019 in...