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  1. News
    04 April 2022

    Current Safety-Critical Scenarios for Car-to-Pedestrian crashes in the EU

    SAFE-UP researchers have provided an updated analysis to provide an overall picture of where and why drivers and pedestrians or cyclists have injury- (or death-) producing crashes. ...

  2. News
    22 March 2022

    UN adopts resolution promoting bicycles to combat climate change

    The United Nations General Assembly has adopted a resolution that called for the use of bicycles to be promoted as a means of combating climate change. ...

  3. Event
    16 May 2022

    Bikeable City Masterclass- Cycling Embassy of Denmark

    320 reads Language English What makes half of the residents of Copenhagen jump on their bike to go to their place of work or education? To have the answer, join the  Bikeable City Masterclass  in Copenhagen...

  4. Event
    12 May 2022

    CIE 2022 Summit

    332 reads Language English The Cycling Industries Europe (CIE) 2022 Summit on 12 May 2022 in Brussels  brings together business leaders, policymakers and other stakeholders to discuss current and upcoming...

  5. Event
    02 May 2022

    Study Trip on Planning and Promotion of Cycling in Denmark

    491 reads Language English Learn about cycling in Denmark- and try it yourself. English Denmark, and especially Copenhagen, is known for it's many cyclists and iconic infrastructure for cyclists....

  6. News
    24 February 2022

    New measures on scooter misuse to be implemented in Brussels

    Micromobility has been a welcome addition in increasing the mobility of residents whilst producing low carbon emissions, however the misuse of the personal mobility devices has been creating problems for...

  7. News
    28 January 2022

    Milan expands cycle network by 750 km

    Milan invests 225 million EUR into a new main cycling network with 4 concentric and 16 centre-to-outskirts routes. ...

  8. News
    27 January 2022

    Athens improves conditions for walking with smart parking sensors and sidewalk restoration project

    In January 2022, the municipality of Athens has seen the start of two large actions to make the sidewalks in Athens more friendly and safe for pedestrians. ...

  9. News
    17 January 2022

    Car manufacturers to advertise walking and cycling in France

    New decree means car advertisers in France will be mandated to include messaging encouraging would-be drivers to choose less polluting transport options. ...

  10. News
    11 January 2022

    Brussels' citizens to report accessibility problems for pedestrians

    The Brussels-Capital region updates its Fix My Street tool to ease residents reporting specific problems for pedestrians, specifically for those with reduced mobility. ...