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  1. News
    23 November 2020

    Barcelona to expand its car-free ‘superblocks’ to city centre district

    2410 reads The city of Barcelona has announced a major expansion of its ‘superblocks’ initiative, as part of a 10-year plan to reduce car dependence and cut pollution. The project will take place in the...

  2. News
    26 October 2020

    Changes to access regulations in the EU and a new UVAR project

    Urban vehicle access regulations across Europe are changing, with a focus on cleaner air and fewer cars. ...

  3. News
    08 October 2020

    Road users will have their lives made easier by the UVAR Box project

    UVAR Box, a recently launched EU-funded project will address fragmented and/or unavailable information on relevant up to date UVARs (Urban Vehicle Access Regulations). The project will provide tools to...

  4. News
    15 September 2020

    Sign up and read the programme for the CIVITAS Living Labs' Final Event

    Registration is open for the CIVITAS Living Labs' Final Event! Sign up now for three live sessions. ...

  5. News
    10 August 2020

    Granada introduces access restrictions to reduce air pollution

    Granada will implement, in January 2021, a Low Emission Zone. The proposed access restrictions will be introduced in phases together with accompanying measures that help to prioritise public transport and...

  6. News
    20 July 2020

    Vilnius' new trafffic plan enters into force to cut car traffic in Old Town

    The city of Vilnius has launched its new traffic plan in order to better manage traffic in its historic centre, the Old Town. From the 7 July 2020 onwards, vehicles can only navigate the city in four loops...

  7. Case study
    19 July 2018
  8. News
    04 May 2020

    Londoners change their mobility patterns in response to ULEZ

    Almost 70% of survey respondents indicated that they changed their mobility choices after the introduction of London's ULEZ. Car drivers changed the least, but even then almost 2/3 of them changed their...

  9. News
    12 March 2020

    Market Consultation on Technology and Services for Future Options for Urban Vehicle Access Regulations

    ReVeAL is a Civitas project that has requested feedback from any cities, technology and/or service suppliers or developers that could assist and enhance the implementation of urban vehicle access regulations...

  10. Event
    04 December 2020

    Energy efficiency for public transport grids and depots

    A transnational webinar by InterregCE EfficenCE, 04 December 2020 at 10:00 CET ...