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    10 January 2023

    Delft’s IKEA store successfully tests solar-powered cargo bikes for goods delivery

    A pilot using a solar-powered cargo bike at Delft’s IKEA store in 2022 was a success and will now be offered to all IKEA retailers to promote sustainable options for home deliveries. ...

  2. News
    09 January 2023

    Brussels receives €475 million loan to expand and promote public transport

    The Brussels Capital Region has been provided with a loan by the European Investment Bank to increase the efficiency, sustainability and attractiveness of the city's public transport network. ...

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    06 January 2023

    New automated metro line to be installed in Madrid

    A new driverless metro line will be installed in the Nuevo Norte district in Madrid after being approved by the government on the 14 December. ...

  4. News
    05 January 2023

    Free public transport for residents in Mallorca

    From 1 January 2023, public bus services will be free in Palma de Mallorca to those who have a citizen card. ...

  5. News
    03 January 2023

    Portugal approves bikes purchase incentive for 2023

    The incentive encouraging Portuguese people to purchase low-emission vehicles (LEVs) has been extended to conventional and electric bicycles, cargo-bikes, two-wheel motorcycles, and electric mopeds, for 2023...

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    02 January 2023

    Sofia to drive sustainable mobility projects with EIB loan

    Sofia invests in pedestrian infrastructure, aside a set of other sustainable mobility projects, with support of a EUR 50 million loan by the European Investment Bank. ...

  7. News
    30 December 2022

    New EU project fosters integration of autonomous vehicles in public transport services in European cities

    A new EU project is launched, ULTIMO, to lay the foundations for the deployment of the first commercial large scale, on-demand, and passenger-oriented AV public transportation service in European cities. ...

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    28 December 2022

    Luxembourg to inaugurate Europe’s longest cycling bridge

    Luxembourg extends its cycling path between the Capital and the university campus of Belval.The path includes a 1.2 km long cycling and walking bridge and a tunnel section led under railway tracks. ...

  9. News
    26 December 2022

    How can we extract more value from retired EV batteries?

    Dive into COBRA's latest Market Intelligence Report on extracting more value from retired EV batteries. ...

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    23 December 2022

    Barcelona Port Authority wins the ESPO Award 2022

    Barcelona Port Authority has received recognition from ESPO, the European Sea Ports Organisation, for its outstanding work in enhancing city connectivity through maritime passenger transport. ...