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  1. Tool
    28 September 2011

    Integrating health and planning

    1790 reads The links between access to attractive and safe public spaces and mental and physical health are becoming ever more apparent. The lack of such spaces can compound the problems which come with...

  2. Tool
    06 July 2011

    OBIS Handbook- optimising bike-sharing in Europe

    4909 reads Bike-sharing schemes, once the domain of capitals and major cities, are becoming increasingly common in Europe's cities and towns. The experiences of bike-sharing schemes in ten European...

  3. Tool
    19 May 2011

    Developing local noise action plans

    1605 reads The Commission's Environmental Noise Directive, adopted in 2002, requires that authorities address noise issues by developing action plans to reduce noise pollution and maintain areas where...

  4. Tool
    19 May 2011

    INTERCONNECT toolkit- improving intermodal travel

    2038 reads There is potential for greater efficiency and reducing environmental impact of passenger transport by improving the connections between different modes or networks of transport. The INTERCONNECT...

  5. Tool
    02 February 2011

    Sustainable transport indicators

    2559 reads Selecting and using indicators to assess policies and measures against is a consistent problem for transport planners and decision-makers. While indicators related to areas such as road safety,...

  6. Tool
    01 January 2004

    Good practice in stakeholder engagement

    2261 reads Developing sustainable transport solutions, whether involving new infrastructure, services, or communications activities, requires the involvement and engagement of relevant stakeholders to...

  7. Event
    11 September 2024

    ICSD 2024: 12th International Conference on Sustainable Development

    1812 reads Language English Sustainable Development Conference ICSD 2024 English The European Center of Sustainable Development, in collaboration with the Canadian Institute of Technology, will organise the...

  8. Event
    24 June 2024

    EUBCE 2024 – 32nd European Biomass Conference and Exhibition

    8 olvasás Nyelv angol English EUBCE 2024 – 32nd European Biomass Conference and Exhibition, 24-27 June 2024, Marseille, France EUBCE is the largest biomass conference and exhibition in the world. Each year,...